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Welcome My Friends!!!

We are finally live! To all new comers or people that found us through random circumstances, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Kyle and I am the Lead Artisan here at I've been teasing this site for some time in our awesome Instagram community.

Those that follow me on IG know about my passion and love for this work. I am drawn to anything metaphysical like a magnet. However, creating Orgone Energy Tools

is my passion. I feel like I am doing the world a service while expressing my artistic side. A wonderfully rewarding mixture.

This site is technically the webstore. You will find plenty of Orgone Energy Tools, Crystals, Ritual tools, and much more as time goes on. But you can also expect me to jump into this blog space to share my knowledge and wisdom from time to time. Click any of our Instagram links to join our weekly giveaways, or to just link up with like minded people. Talk to you soon!



P.S. Your time and presence are appreciated here. Always! xoxo

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