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Artisinally Crafted By Hand

In this modern era instant gratification has run rampant. What we gain in saved time, we lose in quality and heart. Here at Master Metaphysics we take an old fashioned approach to creating. All of our Energy Devices are made individually by hand. Any ingredient or product that can't be made in house, is sourced ethically and carefully to ensure the highest quality. The goal is to make functional and aesthetically pleasing one of a kind pieces.

For those that are agnostic or not spiritual, don't fret! These pieces are also considered art. The beauty and unique aspects of these designs make them perfect display/conversation pieces. However, we do go the extra mile to ensure the spiritual aspects are well taken care of.

Before any designs are planned we personally gather all quartz from the Earth. All materials receive a thorough Palo Santo cleanse.Throughout the curing process each piece is bathed in 432 Hz binaural beats. Finally we attune each piece with a Tibetan singing bowl tuned to A4. This note resonates with the Third Eye Chakra. For any questions or inquiries feel free to check our FAQ or contact us. Our virtual door is always open!


Kyle W

Head Artisan

Master Metaphysics

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