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Kyle is the most knowledgeable, friendly, outgoing person you could ever want to meet. Kyles work speaks for itself. I have just placed my second order. My first was Amethyst now its Emerald. It is exquisite. I would, and have refered many people to Mr Kyle.

Love getting all my orgonite needs from Kyle. With Kyle you get 100% exactly what you want. There is never any pressure. He walks you through many scenarios of your project if you need some ideas. Then he lets you choose what works for you. If you know what you want, he lets you take the reigns. I have never been unhappy with any purchase from Kyle... but then again I never worry about it because if I was he would gladly fix it until it was perfect in MY eyes.

Lori Odaniel

JeriLee Monaghan

I cannot possibly say enough about how wonderful it is to work with Kyle. A fun, relaxed, enjoyable experience. Plus his Instagram posts make my day always. The most resonable prices can be found here. Very pleased with every piece. Thank you!!!!

I really did not know much at all about orgone. I have learned so much now that I follow his every post and every word that he posts, he takes the time to really explain the elements of every piece he creates and he works very hard at his craft. I won an orgonite pendant in one of his giveaways, and I have honestly not taken it off except to shower.

Elizabeth Sassoon

Lisa Carr

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