Are you a fan of scented candles? Or do you use them in your spiritual practice? Maybe both? We combined the power of crystals and plants with the slow and steady burn of a candle. Use them as a tool to focus your intentions while revitalizing your space. Handcrafted, All-Natural, and made with love! 	6 oz Intention Candles made from soy wax with hemp wicks and pure essential oils.	Self Love Rose Scented Candle includes red rose petals from our garden, rose quartz, clear quartz, and pink tourmaline.	Prosperity Spearmint Scented Candle includes mint leaves from our garden malachite, pyrite, peridot, and clear quartz.	Inner Peace Lavender and Citrus Candle includes lavender blossoms, lepidolite, amethyst and clear quartz. 	Made in reusable 7oz jars with cork lids and hand-stamped ID tags.

Intention Candles